OF-ID OFST160100
Field Name Legal Form
Field Tags Core
Field Level Fund Link Reference
Data Type string Introduced with version 0.85
Description Legal form of the fund, e.g. contractual fund, company with variable capital (SICAV), open-ended investment company (OEIC) or others. Please note, that these legal forms have different nomenclatures depending of their domicile. For that reason, please refer to field OFST160110 "National Nomenclature Of Legal Form". It could be that new values are added to this field. for this reason, the receiving system should be able to accept data intended for an earlier version. The so called backward compatibility can be guaranteed to a relatively large extent by openfunds. For more information please refer to the white paper regarding version management that can be found at https://www.openfunds.org/knowledge/whitepapers/versions/
Values "Contractual Fund" "Company With Variable Capital (SICAV)" "Open-ended Investment Company (OEIC)" "Company With Fixed Capital (SICAF)" "Unit Trust / Unit Investment Trust (UIT)" "Limited Partnership (LP)" "Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) "Exempted Limited Partnership (ELP)" “Company treated as Limited Partnership” "Limited Company" "Public Limited Company" "Limited Liability Company (LLC)" “Exempted Limited Liability Company” "Exempted Company" “Corporation” “International Business Company (IBC)” "Cell Company (ICC / PCC)" “Trust” "US Mutual Fund" "US Face Amount Certificate Company (FAC)" “US engaged Partnership” "Delaware Limited Partnership" "Delaware Limited Liability Company" "Delaware Statutory Trust" "other" (Company that is not assignable to any other from this list, but would be essential)
Example Contractual Fund