This initiative was established by leading global fund distributors and fundinfo.


The openfunds initiative began in 2014. In January 2017, the openfunds association was founded by UBS AG, Credit Suisse AG, Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG, and fundinfo AG. The non-profit association’s goal is to establish a common industry standard for the characterisation of fund data.

The company bodies consists of the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Business Office
openfunds association’s structure


Fund providers and fund distributors who support and implement the openfunds standard can join the association as either an active member or as an informational member. Members are already or will soon be able to send or receive static fund data conforming to the openfunds standard. If your company needs to exchange static fund data, you are also welcome to use the openfunds fields and definitions without becoming a member of the association. Use of the standard is free and without any obligation. If you wish to join the association as an active or an informational member, you can do so by sending us a completed and signed application form. The membership of active members is confirmed by the Board of Directors, the membership of informational members by the openfunds administrative office. We will be happy to publish your company name and logo on this page.

Active Members

Logo Credit Suisse AGCredit Suisse AG
Logo fundinfo AGfundinfo AG
Julius BärJulius Bär
Logo acolinACOLIN Fund Services AG
Carnegie Fund Services S.A.Carnegie Fund Services S.A.
MoneyMate Group LogoMoneyMate Group
Logo MorningstarMorningstar
Old Mutual Global InvestorsOld Mutual Global Investors
Logo Six Financial InformationSIX Financial Information

Informational Members

Argonaut Logo
Argonaut Capital Partners
Bellevue Asset Management AGBellevue Asset Management AG
BIQData GmbHBIQData GmbH
citco logoCitco Fund Distribution Services
Logo ClearstreamClearstream Banking SA
Logo ClearstreamColumbia Threadneedle Investment
Logo EuroclearEuroclear
Logo F2CF2C S.à.r.l.
Finance Base AGFinance Base AG
Logo FischFisch Asset Management
Franklin Templeton Switzerland Ltd.Franklin Templeton Switzerland Ltd
Logo ifsamInternational Fund Services & Asset Management
Logo Investment NavigatorInvestment Navigator
Logo InvestecInvestec Asset Management
LB Swiss LogoLB (Swiss) Investment AG
M&G Investments logoM&G Investments
Logo MainFirstMainFirst
Logo MFEXMFEX Mutual Funds Exchange AB
Neptune Logo
Neptune Investment Management Ltd.
Opus NebulaOpus Nebula
Logo PMG FondsPMG Fonds Management AG
Logo PrincipalPrincipal
Logo Raiffeisen Capital ManagementRaiffeisen Capital Management
Logo RobecoRobeco
Logo RothschildRothschild Asset Management
Logo SEAS.E.A. Asset Management
Logo SelmaSelma Finance
Logo SelmaSolvencyAnalytics
Logo swanestswanest
Logo SFNSwiss Finance Network GmbH
Swiss RockSwiss Rock
Logo ti&m AGti&m AG
Logo VP Fund SolutionsVP Fund Solutions (Liechtenstein) AG
Logo Wellington ManagementWellington Management

Articles of Association and Membership Application

In this section you will find the articles of association:

Articles of Association (Version 1.00, English)

Articles of Association (Version 1.00, German)

and application for membership:

Application for membership (Version 2017-01-19; English)

Application for membership (Version 2017-01-19; German)

If you want to become an informational member or an active member, please download the above form and send it to

You can contact the openfunds association by sending an email to:

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