Field Lists and Changelogs

Data Identifier (data-ID)

Data identifiers (data-ID) constitute the core of openfunds, that is expanded by additional concepts to simplify the exchange of data and to make it more secure as well. The data-ID consists of a 10-character alphanumeric code, to which spaces may be added to improve readability, making it longer. The field names are in English, and the individual words all begin with a capital letter.

data-IDs have the following format: OFGGnnnnnn(lang)[rrrr].

OF stands for openfunds.
GG denotes a group of data fields (ST=static; AS=assets; DY=dynamic).
nnnnnn stands for an unique number identifying the data field.

(lang) indicates an optional language tag. Please refer to white paper Language Tags.

[rrrr] indicates an optional recipient code. This allows values intended for a single recipient to be shown exclusively to that recipient.

The identifiers are arranged into groups. In order to group related fields as closely as possible together, these are sorted by data-ID. The groups can be divided as follows:

openfunds Field Range narrow

Each field has a data-ID. Similar fields have the same field range assignment, i.e. the fields “Fund Group Name” (OFST001000) and “Fund Promotor Name” (OFST001100), that both belong to the Field Range “Key Facts – Company” (OFST001000 – OFST004999).  In addition, there are fields that have more properties or tag assignments (tags). All the tags without a corresponding field range at the bottom of the list can be assigned supplementary to a field. An example for a field assigned to more than one tag is ISIN (OFST020000). It is assigned to “Key Fact: Share Class” as well as to “Code”.

An actual list that contains all fields is available at the top of this page by chosing the right sided menu item “Field Lists and Changelogs”.

Field Requests

The openfunds committee welcomes input from specialists.
If you would like to propose new fields that should be included in the standard, or you notice any errors, please inform us by downloading the corresponding form and returning it completed to

New Field Request

Field Change Request

PRIIP field adaption

Due to numerous changes in openfunds PRIIPs fields and their data-IDs, we have decided to withdraw the two drafts of EPT-openfunds comparisons. However, we will soon publish a new overview that will also include MiFID II cost fields.

Work in Progress / Road Map

This section gives you an overview of field themes that are currently in preparation or discussion by the openfunds committee. We would like to encourage you to give us hints and suggestions as an expert on the following topics.

New execution data
As early as version 1.0 the openfunds standard included many fields required for facilitating fund processing, and in particular, execution. Experts in this area have also submitted additional fields that will be included in the next release so that openfunds supports this area of fund processing as completely as possible.

Dynamic data
It was foreseen from the beginning that openfunds would ultimately accommodate dynamic data fields such as NAV, Assets under Management (AuM) as well as other similar fields. From a conceptional standpoint, development in this area has reached an advanced stage. There remains, however, some open tasks to complete before these fields can be published. To clearly differentiate static vs. dynamic fields, the Data Identifier (data-ID) of dynamic fields will start with OFDY (for “Open Funds Dynamic Data”), while static data fields all start with OFST (“Open Funds Static Data”).

Although the requirement for PRIIP KIDs has been delayed by one year to 1 January 2018, we will continue to develop a „translation table“ that maps each PRIIP KID field as defined by the EFAMA Working Group to a corresponding openfunds field. This will allow fund houses and fund distributors who have adopted the openfunds standard to fulfill the requirements for PRIIP KID with minimal effort when the time comes. These openfunds fields will be initially published as “Draft” versions as we expect these fields may change after the initial release.

The following chart shows the next development stages of openfunds and the targeted time frame. Version numbers equal or greater than one will indicate that openfunds is not Beta any longer. Please note that Version 1.0 is a major release, meaning all fields marked as “//No longer supported.//” in former Versions will not show up in version 1.0.

Roadmap 01.2017 - 01.2019

Roadmap 01.2017 – 01.2019