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2017-03-29: MIFID II FUND PLATFORMS – It takes two to tango

Fund platforms, which could provide a route for cross-border distribution, face hurdles when MiFID II comes into effect. Fiona Rintoul looks at the challenges ahead, including data-sharing. Link to “MIFID II FUND PLATFORMS: It takes two to tango”

2017-02-28: openfunds newsletter 1 – February 2017

Dear Sir or Madam, We are pleased to provide you with the first edition of our openfunds newsletter. As of January 2017, we have established an association to represent, manage, extend and improve the openfunds standard. It is the association’s goal to provide and maintain an open, extensible and cost-free standard that enables the automated […]

2017-01-25: Founding of the openfunds association

On 25 January, 2017 the openfunds association was established by the founding members of the openfunds standard; UBS AG, Credit Suisse AG, Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG and fundinfo AG. The Board of Directors is made up of the following members: Sascha Lingling (UBS, President), Tim Gutzmer (Credit Suisse, Vice President), Erich Lang (Julius […]

2016-09-15: (German) Den Wandel als Chance nutzen; UBS Fondcenter – Förderer der «openfunds» Initiative

(German) Die strengeren regulatorischen Anforderungen haben das Umfeld für Anlagefonds teifgreifend verändert und mit Blick auf die Wertschöpfungskette ein Umdenken notwendig gemacht. Es braucht neue Ideen und Geschäftsmodelle. Dienstleister wie Fondsplattformen können dabei einen wertvollen Beitrag leisten. Ein aktuelles Praxisbeispiel ist die Mitwirkung von UBS Fondcenter bei der “openfunds”-Initiative. B2B Magazin: Den Wandel als Chance […]

2016-06-27: Press release – UBS, Credit Suisse, Julius Baer and fundinfo launch fund data dissemination standard “openfunds”

Consistent description of mutual fund static data aids distribution Zurich, Switzerland, 27 June 2016 – After two years of intensive collaboration, two dozen financial institutions led by UBS, Credit Suisse and Julius Baer together with fundinfo AG have agreed on publishing the openfunds standard, version 1.0, on The non-profit initiative has defined openfunds as […]

2016-06-27: openfunds Version 1.0 final now available

Today openfunds Version 1.0 is published as a Production Release. After 2 years of development and numerous beta versions, the openfunds standard is now considered ready for mass-implementation by all interested parties free-of-charge. Please refer to the Creative Commons Licence for further details. The list itself and its corresponding changelog can be found in the […]

2016-04-11: openfunds Version 1.0 Draft Published

Today openfunds Version 1.0 is released as a draft. This is a major release. The goal of this release is to give the fund industry guidelines for the consistent, efficient and error-free exchange of fund data. Any possible errors in this draft version will be corrected and implemented in the final openfunds Version 1.0 which […]

2016-03-07: White Paper Share Class Lifecycle

The share classes of a fund typically pass through various lifecycle phases from “projected” until “terminated”. The phase that a share class is in determines whether it has been, or could be invested in, or if portions of it can be redeemed. Also during performance analysis the lifecycle phase plays an important role in order […]

2016-03-01: Field Definitions Version 0.92 (Beta) Published

openfunds version 0.92 is released. 12 new fields have been added, and 10 fields have major changes – mainly fields that are no longer supported. openfunds is now extended with the possibility to add language tags to specified fields. For more information please refer to white paper “Language Tags”.

2016-02-22 White Paper: Hedging

Many of today’s funds implement various different types of hedging. As the use of these instruments has a strong influence on the performance characterics of funds and share classes, openfunds now supports fields that describe the type of hedging a fund utilises.

2016-02-05 White Paper: Handling Multiple Languages with Language Tags

Usually openfunds fields are available in one language only, most commonly in English. However, there are fields in openfunds that may exist in multiple languages, for example one describing a company or organisation name. This whitepaper describes a “Language Tag” extension to data-IDs which accomodates fields that exist in multiple languages without having to create new data-IDs. […]

2016-01-25 White Paper: The Ambiguity of Empty Fields

Fund databases very often contain missing values. When data is exported to a spreadsheet, missing values are represented by empty fields. Missing data can have far-reaching consequences and can prevent investors from investing in a fund. This whitepaper looks at the way in which empty fields are interpreted in an existing database or in an […]

2016-01-19: Field Definitions Version 0.91 (Beta) Published

Today the openfunds fields list was expanded and improved. Version 0.91 adds 20 new useful fields, as well as field updates. One major change is the reduction of ambiguity concerning fields populated with “unknown”. From now on, please omit the entry “unknown” and simply leave it blank instead (refer to the whitepaper “The Ambiguity of […]

2016-01-08: Quicklinks to Latest openfunds Field Definitions Now Live

We are pleased to announce an easy way to quickly access the latest openfunds field definitions via static URLs. For example, if you would like to link to the openfunds field description for “OFST160100 Legal Form”, just use the following hyperlink: To display any field definition, simply type the URL ( followed by […]

2015-08-20: Field Definitions Version 0.90 (Beta) Published

Today an updated openfunds fields list was published. With Version 0.90 openfunds is increasing the list of field definitions by quite a substantial number. Version 0.90 adds more than 40 new fields to the openfunds standard, that now counts for a total of nearly two hundred fields. Most of the fields added are referring to […]

2015-05-08: Field Definitions Version 0.89 (Beta) Published

Today an updated openfunds fields list was published. Version 0.89 is still a beta version, which will be completed in the comming weeks with additional fields. The additional fields of Version 0.89 are related to home country regulations or to the replication method of ETFs. The list itself and its corresponding changelog can be found […]

2015-03-17: Field Definitions Version 0.88 (Beta) Published

Today an updated openfunds fields list was published. Version 0.88 is still a beta version, which will be completed in the comming weeks with additional fields. However, we encourage users to use these fields already today, as the identifier (the data-ID) is fixed. The list itself and its corresponding changelog can be found in the […]

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