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upcoming version 1.25 DRAFT


Please note this page is only for pre-informative purposes and not yet final. The new fields and changes of version 1.25 DRAFT will be published here. Until the version is final, this section is set up to work as a discussion platform for new fields or any kind of field changes which have been included or removed from this new version.

Only active members who are logged-in are able to participate in this online discussion. In case you are not an active member but would like to share your feedback and views, kindly contact us at

Once the version is final it will be published on the website “Fields” under “Actual Fields”. In case you have any questions, please contact us at

General information about version 1.25

openfunds plans to update the current EMT 1.0 fields to the EMT 2.0 version. Currently all EMT 1.0 fields are available and all EMT 2.0 fields will be available as well. For more information please consider EMT 2.0. In addition, fields regarding the German investment tax act are also planned. More information will follow.

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